Added: 28 March 2013 Reviewer: Michael

I have been seeing Jessy on a regular basis for the past 2 months.  I do this because I find her personality and her services very enjoyable.  She is quite stern yet playful, I find her friendly and professional.  Her dick is an ample 6 inches for anyone who cares.  Her English is fantastic which helps when setting limits and using a safe word, I have yet to get through a session without having to use it. 

I enjoy to be spanked, Jessy is very tallented as I cannot be marked for reasons relating to my personal life, Jessy understands this, she knows exactly how hard to strike and not cause lasting damage yet ensures that the moment is still realistic and ever so enjoyable.  It pains me to say go and see her and check her out for yourself because I don't want to share her

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