Added: 15 November 2013 Reviewer: Lee H

I met Coco today for the first time. She is certainly exquisitely beautiful, with a breathtaking body and she is very feminine (see pictures above). My time with her was enjoyable and she made me cum with ease (this is actually harder than it sounds).  She did have some trouble with me being a 'larger gentleman' (downstairs), he ass is very tight,  

Added: 28 June 2013 Reviewer: Vince

Seen Karn quite a few times now, first met her 2 months ago. It was my first time and I found her really easy to be with. She is very realistic. when i am with her I do not even think about that I am with a TS. maybe as she was my first and only you might think me a little green

Added: 14 June 2013 Reviewer: richard

Had this wonderful looking girl in my sights for ages. This week we finally met. And a splendid time was had by one and all... well by me anyway! She is slender, has mesmeric eyes and is a lovely gentle creature.Highly recommended.

Added: 10 May 2013 Reviewer: James

Very hot- loves it just as much as you do. No rush experience. highly Recommended.

Added: 07 May 2013 Reviewer: D Smith

Looks exactly as she does in her photographs. An absolutely beautiful girl. Natural and engaging experience. I topped her, she topped me so definitely versatile, she came to which was a bonus. Would highly recommend and would most certainly see again (very soon)

Added: 04 May 2013 Reviewer: Antonio

When I saw CoCo on Eros I could not believe my eyes.  I have watched her films for years and enjoyed every part of her.  When I spoke to the agency and confirmed that she was TS Karn, the famous Ladyboy Gold porn star, also known as the bareback princess to many I could not contain my excitement and had to go and explore and explore I did.
What a wonderful and marvellous woman, I was delighted to find that she was everything that I had always imagined and more, truly special in the flesh. I loved every moment that I spent with her on Friday night, I was in Heaven.  She really is a beautiful and charming woman.  There was no bareback of which I was pleased.
She has an amazing body, a cock that stayed nice and firm throughout.  She is active and if you wish she will relax and allow you the enjoyment of discovering every part of her (Which I did also)  She came no problem and if I had of extended my hour to 2 I am confident that she would have come for a scond time.

London I feel now has a new most beautiful and most professional TS, and she is right here. Thank you CoCo Karn xxx Antonio



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