Added: 23 September 2015 Reviewer: Harry

Are you free to come out?

Added: 23 December 2014 Reviewer: Blake Barton

Your pictures turned me on your so hot and sexy! I dreamed of a woman like you to give me a truly sexually satisfying experience like I've never had! ?...... and that is exactly what you gave to me

Added: 18 November 2014 Reviewer: Trevor

Spent an hour with Isabella last Friday. She was absolutely lovely. Lovely personality, lovely eyes and a lovely @@@@. Look after this little lady - she's gorgeous

Added: 07 November 2014 Reviewer: Lex-ron

Wow, just Wow! I have no words that would do dolly justice, she is absolutely incredible in every possible way! I will be seeing her again no doubt :) She certainly is just as, if not more so, beautiful and seductive as her video suggests - Great Party 

Added: 01 September 2014 Reviewer: Richard

isabella is beautiful. By any standards. I was so happily surprised when she opened the door to me, wearing skimpy lingerie, that I totally lost my cool and the words caught in my throat. But it didn't matter because her disarming smile and chatter made me feel fine. This was my first time with any type of escort, and she sensed this and guided me to the bed (after a quick shower) and guided me when we got there too. I don't want to go into too much gory detail because those memories are mine! But I will say what I think will be useful to people like I was yesterday, browsing and wondering. Heaven has a nice big cock, an incredibly feminine figure and manner and most importantly, voice. I guess this is exactly what we're all looking for: a beautiful woman with a big, working cock. She will do anything to please you, as well. I had to leave before I fell in love! I'm still reeling from it now, and I know that I will HAVE to see her again. Ratings: 10/10 for looks, 10/10 for atmosphere and personality, 10/10 satisfaction. Thanks.

What I will add is that she is slightly away with the fairies on a good note, very energetic and enthusiastic to play around

Added: 23 February 2013 Reviewer: Tony

Awesome, Her picture is really her. I almost forgot she's a ladyboy had it not been for her perfectly formed smooth package. She was stunningly beautiful with a perfect body. Made me feel comfortable for my 1st experience. She did everything I asked for willingly. I will definitely see her again. I had a fantastic experience with her and I will always remember. Thanks 

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